SCADAR’s new ultrasonic leak detector allows service providers to actually see leaks in a system

SCADAR, the compressed air auditing brand of Belgian-based compressed air control, performance and monitoring experts CMC, has strengthened its auditing product portfolio by adding a state-of-the-art ultrasonic leak detector that enables users to actually see a compressed air system’s leaks.

The new addition to the growing suite of SCADARTM products uses ultrasonic leak detection technology to accurately pinpoint even the smallest leaks, many of which evade traditional detection methods.

Via a smart ultrasonic sensor, which converts any phone or tablet into a visual leak detector, users can scan an entire compressed air system – simply by holding the camera over it – to optically identify leaks and establish energy loss, air flow and the true cost of waste attributable to each leak – in real time.

The latest product has been integrated into, a cloud-based platform that enables compressed air service providers to establish the efficiency of their customers’ compressed air systems using readings taken from the wider SCADARTM product suite.

The move will allow compressed air service providers to offer ultrasonic leak detection services to their clients and manage everything via one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Via’s Simulation Wizard, which uses powerful modelling functionality to illustrate the environmental and financial impact of adding or removing compressors and fixing leaks, compressed air service providers can quickly help their clients understand how they can optimise their system.

Graham Coats, Sales Director at CMC, comments: “The inclusion of the visual leak detector takes our SCADARTM offering to the next level and draws on the latest technology in order to provide service providers and compressed air users with a level of knowledge and insights that simply wasn’t achievable this time last year. We’re delighted to launch this product to the UK market, pleased that it’s now a part of the ecosystem and we look forward to helping manufacturers save money, cut carbon and optimise performance.”

The visual leak detector is now available to buy from For more information on CMC visit