We recently welcomed colleagues from Brazil and China to our Shanghai production facility, highlighting more than 25 years of collaboration.

Pictured here are team members from both regions, showcasing our diverse and dynamic team, dedicated to excellence in production and after-sales technical support across the globe.

From Belgium to Brazil, and Shanghai to California, our commitment to delivering superior quality and support remains unwavering.

This visit not only reinforces our long-standing relationships but also our ability to serve our clients worldwide through local and international facilities.

Mr David Di, Support Manager, CMC, (China)
Mr Hao Liang, Business Development Manager, CMC, (China)
Mauricio Berto, Schulz, General Manager, (China)
Carlos Eduardo Broering, Products Specialist, (Brazil)
Luis Rafael Antunes, Laboratory Technician, (Brazil)
Candido J. Schonarth, Sales Manager, (Brazil)