When you think of a company, it’s easy to imagine its products, services, or even its logo. But have you ever wondered about the people behind the scenes? The ones who bring creativity to the table, make strategic decisions, and pour their passion into every project? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re pulling back the curtain and introducing you to the incredible individuals who are the heart and soul of our business. Today, lets meet Nicolas De Deken:

I started at CMC in 2000 as a sales support engineer. Within a year, I transitioned to a sales role, where I spent the next decade traveling globally to assist OEM compressor manufacturers with their control projects and establish new distributors for our compressor management systems. In 2011 I relocated to the US to launch Energair Solutions Inc. Since then, I have been leading the company, driving its growth and establishing our presence in the US market

My primary challenge is steering the company towards growth while ensuring strategic alignment across all departments. Effective communication is crucial, especially given the nine-hour time difference between ESI and CMC. Additionally, I am very customer-oriented. Providing excellent support to our distributors and helping them resolve issues is crucial for building long-term business relationships. Therefore, I constantly evaluate our customer satisfaction and seek ways to enhance our service.

 I try to foster a culture of collective problem-solving. I value diverse perspectives and I believe in open communication and ensuring that every stakeholder has a voice. I gather multiple opinions to avoid overlooking any details before making a collective decision that serves the best interests of our customers and the company.

I enjoy the diversity of my role. While my main focus is on business development and strategy, I also engage in operations and problem-solving. This variety keeps my work dynamic and stimulating, allowing me to contribute in multiple areas and continuously learn new things.

My mornings are typically very busy with communication with our headquarters in Europe and catching up with East Coast customers. Fortunately, my wonderful wife takes care of getting the kids ready for school. In the evenings and weekends, I make sure to spend quality time with my family, which helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance.

I enjoy staying active in my spare time. I go for a run or hike at least once a week, and during the winter, I love skiing.

Working for CMC, I have had the opportunity to travel to diverse countries and experience different cultures while conducting business which has been enriching. However, the most significant milestone was launching Energair Solutions Inc. Initially, I was the only person here, and growing the company required wearing many hats. It was a challenging yet rewarding journey. On a personal note, this endeavor led me to meet my wife, and now we have two wonderful children, Luca and Matteo, aged 8 and 10. This experience has been both professionally and personally life-changing!