Mario holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, an MBA, and a Master’s in ICT. His career began in the nuclear industry, where he spent 15 years working on the design, manufacturing, and installation of mechanical equipment for the primary circuit of Nuclear Power Plants. Over the years, he honed his skills in crisis management and organisational transformation. His extensive consultancy work equipped him with the ability to swiftly analyse situations and propose effective measures to achieve desired outcomes. Whether ensuring organisational sustainability, enhancing efficiency or driving business development, Mario’s interventions are marked by sharp insight and creativity.

I joined CMC in January 2018 as the Product Development Manager for a new product line called Airmatics. My role specifically involved connecting these new products to the cloud. Once the product was ready, I transitioned into sales as the Business Development Manager for Benelux. A year later, this role expanded to include Italy, and in 2023, I also took on the German market.

The main challenges I face are that companies are often unaware of the energy savings they can achieve by optimising their compressed systems with our products. They do not realise that, essentially, their systems are operating very inefficiently. Another challenge is that even when they do recognise this, it takes them a considerable amount of time to make a decision.

To address these challenges, I try to educate end-users about the issues mentioned above. I ask our distributors and service providers who sell our products to invite me when they visit end-users.

CMC’s primary product line, AIRMASTER™, consists of controllers designed specifically for air compressor manufacturers. Over the last few years, I have built a broad customer base in this industry, and I have successfully onboarded new clients. In late 2019 and early 2020, I welcomed a compressor manufacturer that currently contributes significantly. Looking ahead, I aim to further grow this partnership in the coming years.

There are a few exciting projects worth mentioning that I have worked on. One involved an audit using our SCADAR equipment, where we assessed eight compressors spread across four compressor rooms at some distance from each other. In such situations, our tool is uniquely suited to perform the job. Another case involved installing an Airmatics AERO solution for four compressors at a paper plant. Here, we identified a significant inefficiency in one of the compressors.

I like that our products incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, making many of our projects truly pioneering for our customers, which is very satisfying. I love what I do and consider it a hobby. Consequently, I sometimes work during weekends or evenings if needed, as my job is focused on achieving results.

When I am not at work, in my personnal time, I enjoy playing and doing fun activities with my seven-year-old son.