As energy prices continue to fluctuate, businesses across various sectors are feeling the impact. Compressed air systems, crucial for many industrial processes, are no exception. In our latest blog, we explore how fluctuating energy costs affect compressed air systems and how partnering with CMC NV can lead to significant improvements.

The Energy Efficiency Conundrum

Compressed air is a vital resource for industrial processes, but it comes at a cost. Shockingly, only a small fraction of the electric energy input – typically 10-20% – actually reaches the point of end-use. This inefficiency is primarily due to two factors:

  1. Isentropic Efficiency: This measures how effectively a compressor converts electrical energy into mechanical work and then into compressed air. For most industrial air compressors, the isentropic efficiency ranges from 60% to 85%. In summary, a higher percentage indicates a more efficient compressor in converting electrical energy into compressed air.’
  2. Overall System Efficiency: When considering the entire compressed air system, including generation, distribution, and end-use, the overall efficiency can be even lower. Losses occur due to leaks in the system, pressure drops, and inefficiencies in the equipment using the compressed air. This highlights that inefficiencies and leaks are distinct issues: Inefficiencies occur during energy conversion, while leaks occur after air is compressed and in use.

CMC NV: Your Energy Efficiency Partner

CMC NV has been a global leader in compressed air control, performance, and monitoring solutions for over 30 years. Here’s how we can help:

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At CMC NV, we help you make data-driven decisions, optimise your compressed air system, and embrace sustainability. Let’s transform the way we manage compressed air together!

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