Nicolas De Deken, President at Energair

This year’s Compressed Air Best Practices Expo, which will take place in Chicago on 2 – 4 November at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, will see Energair President Nicolas De Deken deliver a seminar entitled Maximising Performance with IoT.

The 25-minute seminar, which will take place in The Best Practices Expo Hall at 2pm (CDT), will outline how manufacturers can increase the performance, efficiency and longevity of their compressed air assets by harnessing the power of IoT.

Nicolas will also explain how increasingly accessible and inexpensive IoT measures can help manufacturers achieve significant savings by providing examples of Energair’s high-profile customers who have transformed their compressed air systems using Industry 4.0 technology.

On attending the event, Nicolas comments: “Despite advancements in IoT across many other sectors, there still seems to be a knowledge gap when it comes to how IoT can be successfully integrated into contemporary compressed air systems. In a digital age there is no longer any reason why companies, large and small, shouldn’t be harnessing the power of IoT in order to streamline their operations, save money and cut their carbon footprint. This seminar will make that case and provide guests with a number of insights that will change the way they view compressed air systems.”

This year’s event, which aims to provide attendees with the latest information, technology and advice on the latest strategies for reducing their carbon footprint and water impact, is expected to attract hundreds of professionals from around the world.

Nicolas and his team will also be exhibiting at the event. The Energair stand is 808.