Would-be gamers now have the chance to win $100 in Amazon Vouchers every month by guiding Maintenance Mike through a series of obstacles

AIRMATICSTM, the IoT compressed air monitoring solution from CMC, the global compressed air controls, performance and monitoring specialists, is offering would-be gamers the chance to win $100 in Amazon vouchers every month by playing TAG dash, an online computer game launched by the Belgian-based firm.

In a bid to inject a bit of fun into the world of air compressors, players get to jump into the shoes of Maintenance Mike, a bottling plant specialist, who must install an AIRMATICSTM SMART TAG on four compressors located on a factory floor as quickly as possible before returning to the AIRMATICSTM AERO control panel to commission the installation.

Time penalties are incurred for coming into contact with a number of obstacles that include forklift trucks, boxes and steam. Everyone gets a place on the TAG dash leader board and each participant is automatically entered into a monthly prize draw for the chance to win the vouchers. 

Players can access the game by visiting https://airmatics.eu/tag-dash-game. One winner will be notified at the end of each month.

Graham Coats, Sales Director at CMC, comments: “Air compressors are a critical component for any manufacturer, yet they can be highly technical and are often overlooked. With TAG dash, we hope to bring a bit of excitement to an otherwise unexciting area, shine a light on the humble air compressor and create a bit of healthy rivalry amongst those who work in the manufacturing sector.”

Nicolas De Deken, President at ENERGAIR, the US division of CMC, adds: “If ever there was a refreshing approach to raising awareness around sustainable air compressor management, then this is it. With Tag dash, CMC has taken a specialist area and, using a touch of creativity, given the world of air compressors a universal appeal. I’ve no doubt that engineers and plant managers across the world will welcome Maintenance Mike and the chance to win each month.”

AIRMATICSTM is a cloud-based solution that provides data, analytics and insights for individual compressors through to entire compressed air systems, in real time, via an easy-to-use graphical interface. The technology can cut compressor-related energy bills by up to 30 per cent and has saved Britvic €173,796 each year since it was installed. 

For more information on AIRMATICSTM visit www.airmatics.eu. For more information on CMC visit www.cmcnv.com