New Cloud-Based Air Compressor Monitoring Solution Cuts Energy Bills by up to 30 Per Cent

AIRMATICS™, a simple cloud-based air compressor monitoring, performance and control solution that provides real time data, analytics and insights at the push of a button, has been launched by global compressor management specialists, CMC.

AIRMATICS™ is capable of managing an infinite number of locally interconnected fixed speed, variable speed or variable output air compressors by responding to feedback in real-time and automatically adjusting settings and performance levels accordingly.

The latest innovation from the Belgium-based firm, which has spent the last 30 years designing and manufacturingcompressed air controller, performance and monitoring solutions for manufacturers worldwide, launches as its Sales Director reveals the company’s plans to ‘simplify air compressor performance and management technology in a complex industrial world’.

The claim has been reinforced with the launch of the AIRMATICS™ Configurator – an easy-to-use automated quote generator, which provides those interested in AIRMATICS™ with a detailed quote for integrating the technology within their existing network of air compressors, regardless of brand or age, in less than two minutes.

“With AIRMATICS™, we not only want to simplify the process of compressed air performance monitoring and management, but we also want to provide customers, be they factory owners, facilities managers or distributors, with an Industry 4.0 solution that enables 360-degree visibility of an air compressor network at any given time and from anywhere. AIRMATICS™ takes air compressor performance monitoring and management into the 21st century by providing users with real time intelligence on their entire compressor assets’ performance and health, all whilst creating efficiencies and reducing wear and tear.”

Graham Coats, Sales Director at CMC

The AIRMATICS™ portfolio is made up of three principle products including AIR-TAG, SMART-TAG and an asset COMMAND & CONTROL platform. AIR-TAG and SMART-TAG deliver asset tagging functionality, providing users with the ability to monitor the performance of their air compressors both locally and remotely via the cloud.

Through the product’s asset COMMAND & CONTROL capability, AIRMATICS™ is able to use data and intelligence gleaned through asset tagging to make decisions and operational adjustments, all at a local level, relating to multiple compressors in order to get the best performance from each asset.

Andy Dickinson, Senior Facilities Manager at Pharmaron-UK, one of the first AIRMATICS™ customers, adds: “Our key goals are to cut energy costs, reduce our carbon footprint and spend less time manually monitoring and adjusting compressors during run time in order to boost performance and increase the longevity of our assets. AIRMATICS™ takes away this concern by automatically doing it for us, which enables the team to focus on other critical day-to-day operational tasks.”

AIRMATICS™ now forms part of CMC’s broader compressed air management portfolio, which also includes AIRMASTER™, the manufacturer of embedded air compressor controls for original equipment manufacturers.

Those wishing to access the AIRMATICS™ Compressor Configurator can do so by visiting