I joined CMC from a small industrial automation company in Belgium. I was mainly handling the programming, servicing and support for the robotics-led products it developed, which were available in Benelux.

Robotics was the first sector I began working in, straight out of college, and I spent the first three-and-a-half years of my career in this field.

Having gained a Bachelor’s degree in electromechanics, during which I learned about hydraulics and everything that relates to the industrial side of things, it’s probably no surprise that robotics became my entry point into the professional world.

I was already interested in the support aspect of my former job, so when an opening for Support Engineer became available at CMC, I went for it. The role shared a number of traits – the traits I loved – with my former job, such as supporting clients and on-site commissioning, so it felt like a good time to enter the world of compressed air.

CMC is a unique company. It’s committed to matching the right solutions to its clients’ challenges, which is something I feel strongly about. I also like its vision, and where it wants to go as a company as it continues to grow at a global level. Personally, I really like the international dimension and the fact that I get to travel the world and understand the challenges that compressed air users worldwide currently face. Whilst I’m based in Belgium, next week I could be anywhere in the world, which I love.

From troubleshooting and general support through to dealing with specific service questions, helping our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible is my main goal. In order to do this, I not only need to understand our customers’ business, but also understand the role that CMC can play in improving it.

And, speaking of goals, I play for a division team in Belgium – as goalkeeper. I’m a huge football person and love playing as part of a team. Although it can get quite lonely in the goal, as you have the sole responsibility of not letting any in!

Even in my downtime, I’m still interested in finding out how things work, which is why I can often be found building computers for friends. Although most of my free time is currently spent renovating my house. Once it’s complete, I’ll finally be able to move out of my parents’ house.