I’ve been with ENERGAIR for around four years, having started as a Technical Support Engineer.

I was in that role for about three years before joining the software team, which was a huge jump and very much a career change, I guess.

Whilst I no longer deal with the challenges of managing customers on a face-to-face basis, my new challenges involve a great deal of problem solving. For example, much of what I work on now involves getting our new Smart Tags integrated with our controllers. As a result, much of my time involves writing software that supports this integration.

Quite a bit of my time is spent getting up to speed with the legacy code that’s been in place for some time, and then writing new code that brings together the old and the new.

An exciting project that I’m currently working on involves ELGI’s latest controller – the Neuron 4 – and writing software that enables our Smart Tags to work with it. We’ll be trialling an installation at a customer’s site in Indianapolis soon, which I’m looking forward to; it’s always good to test the work you’ve done in-situ.

ENERGAIR was my first job right out of university. I actually studied mechanical engineering, but a few years ago I began to teach myself code as I’d decided to make the jump to the software team, which is predominantly based out of our Belgium site.

Now, as a software specialist, a typical day for me involves writing code. And, as the rest of my team are in Europe whereas I’m LA-based, I often have to get up early to attend meetings.

I really enjoy working at ENERGAIR. It’s a great company that employs really friendly and really smart people. I also enjoy the working environment and, as a software engineer, I get to work on whatever the latest product might be, which is exciting. It’s also a company that’s committed to making things simpler for everyone, which is an approach that I relate to.

Of course, I’m not coding all the time. I live in Highland Park, a small neighbourhood not far from Hollywood, so when I’m not working, I like to take advantage of LA’s good weather and go hiking or play basketball with friends.

I can often be found at gigs, too, as I’m really into music – mainly house and hip-hop. One of my hobbies is DJing, mainly just for me but sometimes I’ll get to do parties for friends, which is great fun.